Including a fence in your garden and landscape design can be a lovely addition to your surroundings. They can be beneficial for practical reasons and add the ideal finishing touch to your garden. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your plans. We have the expertise to pin point the right fence for your needs.

Fenced in!

Fences can provide a natural looking barrier for your home, creating a sense of security and safety. They are easy to maintain and if you choose strong materials to build your fence from they can be very long lasting and durable. To keep animals out we suggest using fence materials which cannot be chewed through.

Our services include:

•  Patios                    

•  Walls                  

•  Paving                    

•  Fencing

•  Aggregates            

•  Turfing & grass seeding

•  Decking                  

•  Planting

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